Monday, May 23, 2011

Today I learnt....

BEWARE! mindless eating!! During presentations today we got given freddo's for when we answered a question. I answered, got a freddo, thought nothing of it, walking out the door I unwrapped it and bit of his head before I had even given it a second thought. I realised and ran into the toilet to dispose of the nasty freddo, but now I know I need to be aware of stupid stuff like that where I could unintentionally sabotage myself. At least this is the last week of those presentations.

Apart from that I also learnt that I need to keep up with my asthma meds, even if i do only get it occasionnaly when I do I need to jump on it asap. Which for once I have done. Today was physio and doctor and uni presentation and spending the morning in bed feeling like crap. I did ace the presentation, after last nights practice my partner didn't seem all that impressed with me so I was very happy when she said to me that I had improved heaps from last night which is awesome.

Pretty tired now, I need a decent sleep. I didn't get any exercise done today, but for this first week I'm aiming for 3 workouts to start with. I know its less than we are expected to do but given my workload at the moment, being sick and all that its achieveable for me and managable. Food is my non negotiable this week, today worked well having everything ready to go in the fridge I just need to keep that going.

Here's to day 2.

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