Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peeled, prepped, pondering

Today is Sunday 22nd May, I'm about to embark on round 2 of the 12WBT, this will be my 4th round of the challenge and the one where I achieve the most of all.

Therefore today involved submitting assignments, final group meetings for presentations, work, cleaning, nap (to rid myself of my cold) and of course food shopping and food prep. With the week I have scheduled I needed every minute of prep I could. That meant tonight was chopping lots of veggie sticks, spooning dips into small take with me sized pots, making broccoli soup, making and freezing chicken patties, portioning meat and freezing, roasting veggies and then doing the dishes.

I also finally removed the last of the dodgy food that had been hanging around, my house is now clean on most angles (the bath is waiting for a scrub =P).

I dont know if i'm really ready for this round to begin, but hey I've done the pre-season, put the effort in, in my own place, in control of my destiny and I have goals to be smashed. Tomorrow is day 1 and I promise to blog (even if its short) each day of my journey to stay accountable.

I"ve also just downloaded a 12wbt friend Ange's excel spreadsheet for keeping track of my calories.

Day 1 goals
-drink at least 2 L of water
-smash my presentation tomorrow
-burn at least 300 cal (still sick so dont want to push too hard and to be honest I haven't trained for a long while so I need to ease back into it).

Heres to an awesome first day and week!

Good luck everyone, go smash some goals!

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