Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week 1 results and scared for wk 2

Good news last week was -1.4kg with only good eating and no exercise because I was sick.

This week not so great. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in at all, a big weekend with friend's over out a lot and a lot of crap eaten and no exercise. That took until tonight to pull back, I really lost the plot for a while annoyed at a few things. I'm still super busy with heaps of stuff to do.

Uni course work is starting to wind down slowly, although coming into exams is crazy. I'm currently looking at honours projects and completely confused over what to choose. Its driving me crazy.  Luckily I have a couple of weeks to make up my mind, but its going to be a hard decision to make.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 2

Day 2,
not much to say really, I've eaten fairly clean, around calorie limit. I'm finding packing my food the night before is really helping, although I did have 1/2 a capsicum and cucumber go flying when I was eating on the run coming home today. I braked, the container lid wasn't on properly, it went flying, luckily most of the contents landed in the container or I would have chewed my arm off.

Oh the other thing I forgot is how much I love broccoli soup!

Weigh in tomorrow, I'm more nervous because I wont get a lot of sleep tonight (working until 11pm wont sleep until close to midnight and uni work have to be up at 5:30-6am for a 7am start) but I'm hoping eating clean has made a difference, even though I haven't exercised yet.

I'll bring you the numbers tomorrow


Monday, May 23, 2011

Today I learnt....

BEWARE! mindless eating!! During presentations today we got given freddo's for when we answered a question. I answered, got a freddo, thought nothing of it, walking out the door I unwrapped it and bit of his head before I had even given it a second thought. I realised and ran into the toilet to dispose of the nasty freddo, but now I know I need to be aware of stupid stuff like that where I could unintentionally sabotage myself. At least this is the last week of those presentations.

Apart from that I also learnt that I need to keep up with my asthma meds, even if i do only get it occasionnaly when I do I need to jump on it asap. Which for once I have done. Today was physio and doctor and uni presentation and spending the morning in bed feeling like crap. I did ace the presentation, after last nights practice my partner didn't seem all that impressed with me so I was very happy when she said to me that I had improved heaps from last night which is awesome.

Pretty tired now, I need a decent sleep. I didn't get any exercise done today, but for this first week I'm aiming for 3 workouts to start with. I know its less than we are expected to do but given my workload at the moment, being sick and all that its achieveable for me and managable. Food is my non negotiable this week, today worked well having everything ready to go in the fridge I just need to keep that going.

Here's to day 2.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Peeled, prepped, pondering

Today is Sunday 22nd May, I'm about to embark on round 2 of the 12WBT, this will be my 4th round of the challenge and the one where I achieve the most of all.

Therefore today involved submitting assignments, final group meetings for presentations, work, cleaning, nap (to rid myself of my cold) and of course food shopping and food prep. With the week I have scheduled I needed every minute of prep I could. That meant tonight was chopping lots of veggie sticks, spooning dips into small take with me sized pots, making broccoli soup, making and freezing chicken patties, portioning meat and freezing, roasting veggies and then doing the dishes.

I also finally removed the last of the dodgy food that had been hanging around, my house is now clean on most angles (the bath is waiting for a scrub =P).

I dont know if i'm really ready for this round to begin, but hey I've done the pre-season, put the effort in, in my own place, in control of my destiny and I have goals to be smashed. Tomorrow is day 1 and I promise to blog (even if its short) each day of my journey to stay accountable.

I"ve also just downloaded a 12wbt friend Ange's excel spreadsheet for keeping track of my calories.

Day 1 goals
-drink at least 2 L of water
-smash my presentation tomorrow
-burn at least 300 cal (still sick so dont want to push too hard and to be honest I haven't trained for a long while so I need to ease back into it).

Heres to an awesome first day and week!

Good luck everyone, go smash some goals!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeling flat

Today I feel tired, I'm tired of a few things least of which this stupid piece of tape wrapped around my hand. Unfortuantely I have to keep it on until Monday (which means I'm only 1/2 through the time I need it on).

I'm just generally in a grump today, I can feel a cold or something coming on and have 2 massive assignments due on Monday, one being a presentation, I also have the big physio appt hanging over my head. I'm worried about that because my hand has been hurting a lot more since it was compressed with the tape, which is why its making me annoyed.

I also got caught out today with food, I wasn't prepared and it showed. Work called in me later than I was expecting and consequently because I was feeling flat this morning I didn't eat (big mistake) I had an ok muesli bar in my bag but it wasn't enough and yeah, you can imagine the rest.

Tomorrow I'm finishing the menu plan, I'm writing my meals up on my fridge list, doing my shopping and fnishing off both assignments and once assignments are done I'm cleaning my books (does anyone else find the house gets messier the more books and papers must be 'organised into chaos' for assignments?)

Took my before photo today, wasn't anything special, but you know it has to be done.

I guess what i'm saying is I hope sleep helps and I can get some perspective in the morning.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog Challenge Week 1

This is the Blog Challenge for this week: If you can dream it you can achieve it!!!
I want you to paint me a word picture. Pretend today is not today. You are not nervous, or overwhelmed or apprehensive or excited about the next 12 weeks. You are none of those things because you have LIVED it! You are at the finish line!
Maybe today is the day you run city 2 surf! Maybe it is the finale party. Maybe you are at the final workout. Maybe you are standing up there on the stage with Mish - a WINNER this round.
Paint me the picture. What are you feeling? What are you wearing? What can you do?
What have been your greatest achievements? Your biggest challenges?
How do you feel inside?? Just how excited ARE you???
Before you achieve it - you have to dream it. Put those dreams down. Make them real.
The more specific your dreams the closer you are to making them a reality

August 14th

I'm standing on sand again, tears streaming down my face, but its very different to the last time I did that. This time I'm in a different state, I'm away from everything, yet closer to everyone than ever before. I'm standing on Australia's most famous beach, Bondi, with a medal around my neck. I just finished the City to Surf, all 14km of it, Heartbreak Hill and everything. And I smashed last years time by a huge 20 mins, I ran the whole way, I believed this year, I knew what to expect and it happened, just like I dreamed. At the finish line it hit, I'd achieved it. Once again I came away from my safety net of 'home' and did it with friends, together, the emotion of the honesty and integrity I'd worked with for the last 12 weeks was all worth it. The worry of scheduling, uni graduations and starting honours and living by myself are all past worries.

I felt free running along today, nothing was going to touch me, my legs were strong and steady, I was prepared, I'd done the training all 12 weeks of it. My running has improved so much since I started focusing on core work and strength training, making core work a focus has meant my carer work has become easier and my energy is through the roof.

Best of all I am feeling free, happy in my skin, alive with the knowledge I dont need to make choices anymore, I have habits to rely on. i'm more self aware now, I know when I need to take time away, like now to stop, find a beach, touch a rock, smell the air, to breathe and cry and find me again. 

I've even stopped to conquer some of the bigger demons in my past, I went and saw my new counsellor again, I took the leap to fulfill my promise to give it at least one try. She worked out great, the right professional caring, non judgemental voice I needed to help me find the path when my voice was shouting to loud for me to think clearly. With her help I've taken  full control of the way the past now affects me. I know my triggers and know how to handle those moments when it gets to much, which starts with an inner dialogue asking why I've been overwhelmed and ends with, I deserve this, I am kind to myself and I can be gentle with my hurts. 


The City to Surf after party was amazing! I was wearing my size 8 jeans and Espirt green shirt, with an awesome pair of short boots, I was mixing with friends having an amazing time, I was out of my comfort zone but I was loving every minute of it. 

I felt even more amazing seeing as I had lost 15kgs this round, I was no longer Mel the girl who was living in a deep dark depressed hole. I was Mel the girl who had believed and achieved. Who had a dream and followed through, who was in the game, who knew how to take time out for herself, who trusted the help she had around, who honoured herself enough to ask for help when it was needed, who believed she was worthy to take each step of the journey as it came. I am that Mel, I have changed and I have an never going to lose this feeling. I'm on top of the world (or at least on top of Heartbreak Hill).

Best of all this year I wasn't alone, even though Nan wasn't with me this year I know she was there in spirit, watching me run, helping me to breathe and believe, she's proud of me always and forever.



Welcome to my blog.

This is about my journey through round 2 of 12WBT 2011. I'll post up my preseason tasks a bit later on. I had a blog from last year that I started using, but I felt I got too focused on the past in there, and it wasn't necessairly helping my progress. For now I'm working on the now and future, I'm realistic knowing these issues will still come up purely because of the nature of it. But I'm not going to dwell on things, I've changed a lot from this time last year and come through a lot of things.

So the main purpose of this blog is to comment on my journey in 12wbt, I'm also going to be participating in a blog challenge run by a friend of mine Kath, check out her blog here http://courage2start.blogspot.com/

I think thats about all I wanted to say, the only other thing you need to know about me is I tend to waffle a little (what can I say I like the sound of my own voice =P). Seriously though I find the writing helps me to understand things and the more I write the clearer my head is. I make no apologies for that.

Enjoy reading

Mel xx